Monday, July 7, 2008

Winter Of The Witch

Back in 1977 when I was in kindergarten I remember watching a movie in school. For years and years it has stayed in my memory. I had always wished that I could somehow watch this short film again. About the only thing that I could remember was that it was about a witch who made magic pancakes. I couldn't even tell you what these magical pancakes did. A few years back I tried Googling things like witch who makes magic pancakes. Nothing came of it though. Tonight out of the blue I just decided to Google this film again. I'm happy to say that I did find some info about this film at Not only did I find some info, but I also found a link to the movie at Google Video. Of course I had to watch it! The name of this short film is WINTER OF THE WITCH. It was made in 1969. It was so awesome to be able to watch this 31 years later. The thing that I find really crazy is that for some reason I've held onto the memories of this film since 1977 when I sat in that gymnasium at Ramona Lane Elementary watching it. I have no idea why I would remember a movie about a witch who made magic pancakes. It must have left some sort of an impression on me. Without the net I may have never seen this film again.

If you have any interest in this film at all you can watch it here. I could tell you what these magic pancakes do, but that would spoil it.


Sacrilegium said...

Wasn't that a Dio song?

Pancakes from the witch
We may never ever ever ever come home
But the syrup that she makes
Is worth a lifetime

Robert said...

LMAO! You always!

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