Thursday, July 10, 2008

If Only All Of Their Songs Were As Good As This One

Years ago a metal band called Dream Theater hit the scene. Their video for the song 'Pull Me Under' got heavy rotation on Mtv. I've never been a big fan of prog rock or prog metal, so that probably explains why I only like a few Dream Theater songs. 'Pull Me Under' was just this catchy song with an underlying heaviness. When 'Images And Words' was released I was expecting an album full of songs like 'Pull Me Under'. Man, what a letdown it was when all I heard was a bunch of dull ass prog rock/metal. Anyway, I love this song, and there are even some cool memories attached to it for me as well. This was actually pretty light for the stuff I was listening to at the time. It was basically Death Metal or Thrash and nothing else during this time period being spun in my cd player.


Phil said...

Images & Words is a great album.

Awake is a great album.

After that I like some other albums. Scenes From A Memory I like. The last few I really maybe like a song or two on them.

Voices is my favorite song by them. From the Awake album. Pull Me Under vid is how I became aware of the band. I love that song, too.

I bought two of their DVDs Scenes From New York and the live at budycall one.

Sacrilegium said...

For a while I would go back and listen to their other stuff trying to catch something impressive, but eventually I just gave up. I do like Pull Me Under though.

Wingman709 said...

This is an amazing album. It is one of my all time favorites. My only real beef with Dream Theater is that I get tired of 20 minute long songs. I prefer the 4 minute range but they are still a great band.

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