Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thoughts On The "Games I've Been Gaming" (trl podcast joke)

Another vacation is over with. My next vacation isn't until September. It wasn't a very eventful vacation, but it was enjoyable. I saw a lot of races at Galesburg Speedway this weekend. I ended up going Friday and Saturday. My nephew got second place in both of his races which is awesome. Friday I bought a pit pass and got to see everything that goes down in the pits. Definitely a fun experience that I plan on doing again and again. I even got smart with a guy that was being a smart ass to my nephew, but that's a story for another time. Now on to the games I've been gaming...

Lego Indiana Jones is a decent game, but I don't think I could ever play it alone. It's built for co-op. I have a feeling it would be a total snooze if I ever attempted to play it alone. Me and my nephew had a fun time playing it. It's not perfect, but it's good. The Lego Star Wars franchise is definitely better.

NASCAR 09 is really fun. It's one of the better driving games I've played. Forza 2 was/is awesome, but I find the tracks to be too challenging. NASCAR's endless left turns are perfect for me. Twists and turns just drive me insane. That's probably why I don't enjoy the NASCAR road race tracks. Why NASCAR even has road races is beyond me. Career mode is where it's at. The Sprint Driver Challenges are really fun. Some of them are proving to be a bit difficult, but still fun. So far I'm really glad I picked this up. It rules with the racing wheel too.

Battlefield: Bad Company is decent at best. It's not a bad game, but it's not a great game either. The single player campaign can get dull at times. It's a lot of the same thing going on over and over. I'm finding that if I play it in 40 minute chunks it's satisfying. I checked out multiplayer for a bit, and really was not impressed. There just doesn't seem to be much substance to it. It's also a bit too chaotic for my tastes. It's like there isn't even any time for strategy. I will continue to get my online multiplayer shooting fix from Frontlines: Fuel Of War.

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