Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CHiP's, Not The Kind You Eat

When I was in the first grade I didn't really watch a lot of television shows. I would mostly sit in my room listening to 8 track tapes. Yeah, I was a weird kid who was obsessed with music, so what? I had a couple of favorite tv shows when I was young. Happy Days ruled the world for me, but so did CHiP's. As soon as I heard that CHiP's theme song I'd be racing around my living room as if I was a part of the California Highway Patrol driving one of those awesome mororcycles. When you're 6 years old you really don't realize just how cheezy some shows are. I'm guessing that millions of adults didn't realize how cheezy CHiP's was either. I bought the CHiP's Season 1 dvds a while back and only ever watched the pilot untill last night. I was tired, so I decided I'd bust out CHiP's on dvd. I won't lie by saying I didn't enjoy it because I did no matter how cheezy it was in some spots. I actually miss cop shows like this one. Ponch and John never have to draw their guns. They never have to shoot anyone. They are generally polite guys. You also never hear any bad language. Man, have cop shows changed! It's a different world we live in now. It's not a better world either. I'll continue to watch CHiP's in all of it's cheezy splendor and remember the days when television was a bit more innocent and friendly.

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Phil said...

I had many favs growing up.

Charlie's Angels
Three's Company
Six Million Dollar Man
Bionic Woman

Those are a few of the early year ones. I have tons of favs though.

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