Thursday, May 1, 2008

Time Once Again For Random Thoughts

First I'll start with GTA 4. After playing the single player campaign for a couple days I have to say that it's a really good game. It's not the greatness that all of the reviewers are giving it. With that being said I have NOT played any of the multiplayer modes yet. It's basically just GTA with more to do, and it's prettier. Some improvements have been made for sure. It's definitely easier to aim guns now. I'm also finding it easier to get away from cops. The cut scenes need work though. Graphically they are lacking polish. Just based on the single player campaign I'd give it a score between 8.5 - 9.

I have an issue with gamers and game review sites. Why is it that most games get talked about a lot before release and then for a week or two after release, but almost nothing after? It's like games only stay new and relevant for a couple weeks then they are old news. It's crazy how a game that is four or five months old is considered old news by most. This is probably one reason why I always feel like I have to buy a game when it comes out. If I don't I feel like I'm out of the loop. Gamers always seem to be looking into the future instead of savoring recent games.

My Dallas Stars will try to close out the series with a win in San Jose tomorrow night. They'll face the Redwings if they win this series. I'm almost hoping for a monumental comeback by the Sharks. I just don't see Dallas beating Detroit. Sad, but true.

Song of the day is "The Duellists" by Iron Maiden. (I cranked POWERSLAVE today at work on the mp3 player. Greatness = this album)


Wingman709 said...

I gotta give this game like a 5. I really am not liking it much. Now that is coming from a person who is not a GTA gamer, but I figured I would give it a try. I loved Crackdown, but I just can't get into this.

Anonymous said...

The Bee Gees are singing tonight.


Robert said...

Wing, after listening to your podcast for like a year now I kinda figured you wouldn't like this game.

Repro, are you drinking again? LOL

Anonymous said...

Stayin Alive!


Rangers pens should be another good game today, besides sharks dallas.

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