Sunday, May 4, 2008


It went into quadruple overtime, but FINALLY the Stars dispose of the Sharks.
Marty Turco was incredible tonight. I've never ever seen him play as good as he did tonight, and I've been watching him since his days with the Kalamazoo Wings. He'll need to be just as good as he was tonight when the Stars face the team that I hate with a major passion. That team being the Detroit Redwings. It was easily the most exciting low scoring Dallas playoff game I've witnessed. I gotta give major props to the San Jose Sharks. They didn't go easy or quietly. With Dallas up 3-0 in the series the Sharks just kept fighting to stay alive.

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

4 OTS. Crazy. Another wasted regular season. Only to fold in round 2 once again.

And the Rangers lose in OT. I thought they had a goal but the stupid ref blew the whistle right when the puck got to Fleury. Was a split second as the puck went through his legs into the net. Total BS.


Robert said...

The Stars now have three of the longest OT games in the top 10 in NHL playoff history. The other two games were losses though.

It'll be tough for them to beat Detroit.

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