Monday, May 5, 2008

Top 5 WORST One Hit Wonders Of 1987

What a terrible year for one hit wonders. This might be the worst. I'll just start off by saying that there is really only one song worth mentioning. There were a few one hit wonders from 1987 that I hate with every fibre of my being. I'm making this my top five WORST one hit wonders of 1987!

1) Club Nouveau - Lean on Me (I really and truly hate this clubbed out dance version of Lean On Me. It's just pure crap. IT actually puts me in a bad mood when I hear the beginning of this when it happens to play on the radio. Is there reaqlly any need for this to ever be on the radio again? Brutally terrible! It's one of my most hated songs ever.)

2) Buster Poindexter - Hot, Hot, Hot (Some of you are thinking that this is worse than my number one. It's basically a tie. Again pure crap!)

3) Pseudo Echo - Funkytown (God, nother crappy dance cover song. It sucks. It sucks bad. I feel bad for even wasting the time it took to write the song title down.)

4) Living in a Box- Living in a Box (This band thought thought the name of their band was so damn good that they wrote a song about it. I have a feeling the members of the band really are living in a box now.)

5) Swing Out Sister - Breakout (God-awful rubbish.)

Man, 1987 really sucked for one hit wonders. There is just one one hit wonder that I thought was awesome in 1987.

1) T'Pau - Heart And Soul (Love it! It destroys every other one hit wonder from 1987 with ease.)

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