Thursday, May 8, 2008

Not A Thing Going On

When a great game is released it's like the video game world stops. It doesn't exactly stop, but it takes huge video game news for anyone to take notice. There isn't much of anything happening as far as video game news goes. Every gaming podcast I listen to is of course talking about GTA 4. That's really not a bad thing. I am really enjoying the game, but all the talk could and probably will get old really fast. Another good thing is that I don't see my wallet taking a hit for a while because GTA 4 hasn't left my 360, and I don't see any games that I really want for a few months. Unless something gaming related moves me to blog about it I could be focusing on the robster craws side of the blog. That's not a bad thing though. Get ready for tons of 80's related pop culture blog entries. I can always give my top 5 funniest Revenge Of The Nerds scenes.


Wingman709 said...

When I saw the image today, I actually thought of the movie Better Off Dead. That is an all-time classic.

Robert said...

I LOVE Better Off Dead! One of my all time favorites.

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