Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Charter Communications Sucks

For the past couple of days I've had no internet thanks to the wonderful company that is Charter Communications. It seems like every three months we end up with no service. Talk about a Mickey Mouse operation. Is there anything worse than having no service when you're an online video game player and a blogger?

GTA 4 has consumed my life. Yes, it really is that damn good. I'm having a blast now. I finally played a few multiplayer modes. I had a really fun time. I ended up playing with some really cool people that I didn't know. I even added a guy to my friends list. Let me just say that it doesn't get much better than playing team deathmatch with rocket launchers as your only weapon, well that and a knife. I also played single player death match. Talk about chaotic fun! I was jacking cars and just hitting the other players at about 65 mph. Oh, by the way molitov cocktail wars are fun as well. One of the guys I was playing with asked us all how you put out the fire once you're on fire. My smart ass of course said "Stop, Drop, And Roll". Good times for sure. I also enjoyed the Turf Wars mode. You basically just go to certain points on the map and stand there for like 20 seconds and hope that the other gang doesn't put a cap in yo ass before you control that section of the map.

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Anonymous said...

I like some of the online games of GTA but haven't had any time to play this past week.


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