Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Of THE Hottest Women Of The 80's

In the 80's Susanna Hoffs rocked my world. Not only could she sing, but she was hotter than lava. Did I say was? She still is hotter than lava! I've always had a thing for brunettes. Blondes and redheads take a backseat to brunettes in every way.
Susanna Hoffs is the ultimate brunette. When she gives you those bedroom eyes in the "Walk Like An Egyptian" video you just want to melt. Madonna hasn't got a thing on Susanna Hoffs. Madonna is dog meat compared to Susanna. When you look in the dictionary for the word "sexy" Susanna Hoffs should be the picture you see right next to it. Now I shall go away to dream about Susanna singing "In Your Room" to me.


Anonymous said...

She would have been a good porn star.


Robert said...

If she was I'd own every damn movie she ever did!

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