Sunday, May 11, 2008

Top 5 One Hit Wonders Of 1988

It's been a couple days, but I'm finally posting a new blog entry. It's been a shit weekend as far as my mood goes for various reasons that I'm not about to get into. When I'm in a shitty mood I definitely don't feel like being the least bit creative. With that out of the way...a couple of songs that I kinda forgot about ended up on this list. Thankfully we have have things like Limewire on the net, so that I can go download songs for free. I'll be grabbing a couple of the songs on this list.

1) Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning (Probably the most obvious choice, but I like it. LETS GIVE IT BAAACK!)

2) Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer (It's a light tune you would find on an adult contemporary station these days, but it's a song that just stays with me. Mellow, but good.)

3) The Church - Under The Milky Way (I really don't know much about this band, but I'm thinking I should really delve deeper into the other music that they have to offer. Kinda depressing vibe, but I like a good depressing tune that makes you feel like taking a bottle of sleeping pills now and then. Apparently Rick Springfield covered this song on his covers album. It was also part of the Donnie Darko soundtrack)

4) When In Rome - The Promise (This is a song that radio didn't happen to kill when it was a hit, so it sounds kinda fresh. I hear it on the 80's station on XM Radio once in a while.)

5) Giant Steps - Another Lover (Just a goofy simple little pop song with a repetitive chorus. I could listen to this a few times a year, but that's about it. Nothing special really.)


Wingman709 said...

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning is a great tune.

Sacrilegium said...

Love that Church tune

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