Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why NPD Numbers Are Crap And Other Thoughts

The NPD numbers for April were released a little while ago. I really don't care. I haven't cared for a while now. Untill every console and piece of software is counted these numbers really don't mean shit. I mean sure you can get an idea of what is being bought, but it's just that. It's an idea. Sony and Microsoft will continue to put their own spin on the NPD numbers month after month. Meanwhile Nintendo doesn't have to put a spin on the numbers because even though the numbers are just an idea of what is being sold Nintendo is clearly beating Sony and Microsoft as far as console sales are concearned. It's just insane how many Wii's are being sold month after month. NPD numbers only count for 60% of the consoles and games being sold. According to the NPD numbers the Nintendo Wii sold 714,200 in the month of April. That doesn't even include all of the other Wii's that the NPD numbers don't include. That's a staggering number. Nintendo destroys Sony and Microsoft month after month. I know I said that npd numbers are crap. I believe they are as far as the console "war" between Sony and Microsoft goes. The reason I say this is because the numbers are always so close that month after month there really is no "winner". The only only clear cut winner is Nintendo. You can't even argue that Nintendo isn't winning the console war. I don't even want to hear the crap about the Wii not being in the same league because if you for one minute think that Nintendo hasn't taken some money away from 360 and PS3 sales you're dead wrong.

Nintendo must be laughing all the way to the bank. Who would have thought that there was a market for a console with motion controls and last gen graphics? This just makes Nintendo look incredibly smart. The Wii really only could have went two ways. It could have failed miserably or did what it's doing now...kicking ass. Nintendo was smart to market this console towards the casual gamer. It's really a no brainer. The average gamer is NOT hardcore. The only people I ever hear rag this console are surprise surprise hardcore gamers. Microsoft certainly isn't ragging the Wii. They are currently working on a motion controller. Dumb idea, but I'll get back to that later on. There are a few reasons why the Wii has taken off the way it has. First off Americans like a gimic. It's a fact. Americans are like sheep. If something is new and cool and everyone is doing it it's more than likely that a huge percentage of americans will jump on the bandwagon. At this point Nintendo really doesn't even have to spend money on advertising. Word of mouth is selling this console. People want to know what all of this Wii Remote motion control is all about. Want another reason why the Wii is kicking ass? It's cheap at 250 bones. Not only are americans sheep, but they're cheap sheep too. If Mom and Dad go to the store to buy little Johnny a video game console that 250 dollar price is a hell of a lot more attractive than the 400 bucks for a PS3 or a 360. If the 360 had started out at 250 bucks it would probably have sold a hell of a lot better than it has. With all of that being said I own all three current gen consoles. I play my 360 the most, but I am definitely not a casual gamer. At the same time I play my Wii more often than I play my PS3. When people come over I can find plenty of games to play with them on the Wii. The same can't be said for the PS3 and the 360.

Microsoft, you're about to make a huge mistake. Don't bother with a motion controller. It's going to be a flop. You can't compete with Nintendo in this area, so don't even try. Stick to what you know. I can also see backlash from all of the hardcore 360 gamers. This console is for the hardcore gamer. You don't have the same audience that Nintendo does, and you never will. You won't even make a dent.

I found one major thing that is wrong with GTA4. Can you say NO MID MISSION SAVES!!!
Tell me Rockstar why in the hell do I have to drive all the way back to the point on the map where the mission takes place after I fail it over and over and over again?! It's pointless! I know how to drive! Just friggin' start me back at the point where the damn mission begins! Hopefully I'll finish GTA4 sometime befor July!!!

I've decided that I will no longer be buying every 360 game that comes out. Yes, I was guilty of doing this all of last year. Basically if a game got a review of 7 or higher I was buying it even if I had read that the game could be finished in 6 or 7 hours. Now for me to buy a game like that the multiplayer mode had better be damn good! I'll be renting a lot more often now. Dark Sector that means you'll be a rent and not a buy.

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