Saturday, May 3, 2008

Had A Good Experience Today

I did a Listener Round Table today with a couple of the guys from Xbox Podcast as well as a couple of listeners. Definitely had some laughs. Hopefully it turns out well. I also hope that people weren't thinking I was talking too much. Today's round table really makes me want to start a podcast of my own. I know I've been saying I plan on starting one, but my chosen co-host really isn't an up to date video game geek like I am. There are a bunch of games that I just couldn't discuss with him because he's not up to date with newer games. I know we could totally entertain people because we click like you wouldn't believe. We've cracked many people up over the years. I'll have to try to come up with a format that would work for us, I guess. It won't just be about video games. We'd have the robster craws section as well. That would definitely include topics from the 80's.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. If anyone reading wants to check out that round table discussion I believe it will be on episode 56. Which I believe is being released this Monday. I've been a loyal fan of the show for about a year now. It's a favorite of mine. I hope they plan on doing more round table discussions. As long as they invite me to do them I will be there. Xbox Podcast

BTW Wingman709, I hope you don't mind that I lifted and used your image. :)

Also, anyone reading can check out Wingman's blog here Wingman's Hangar He's a very cool guy who happens to be a gaming maniac like myself.


Wingman709 said...

Hehehe. I don't mind, however my Lawyers are a bit upset. Muhahahaha.

Nah, just kidding. Hey its cool. I am glad you could make the roundtable.

It went a bit weird this time because we were expecting some people from Europe to hop on and none of them did. We had some questions geared towards them. So we ended up just talking about nothing. Oh well, it was fun to talk to you guys. Glad you could make it.

Robert said...

Yeah, it kinda seemed like you guys were winging it. It was fun though. I think listeners will get a laugh or two from it.

Sacrilegium said...

I'm listening to it now. They said you're from Texas! See how your gay Stars fandom has lead people astray? :-)

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