Monday, September 1, 2008

September Is Finally Here!

Holy crap it's September already. I know I'm happier than a teenage boy watching his first porno because of this. I hate the heat. I hate bugs. I hate having to lather on sun block. I hate the fact that there isn't any hockey to watch. I hate having to see chubby/fat women wearing next to nothing...these women actually think they're sexy. Summer sucks ass. It's my least favorite season. Bring on fall! It's my favorite season of all.

The only thing that sucks about September is that I'm going to be a year older when the 21st rolls around. I'll be 36. Ugh. I'm really NOT looking forward to my late 30's.

As soon as October hits I have big Halloween themed blog ideas. Get ready for 31 days of spooktacular blogging frights.

The summer video game drought has hit me. I am still having fun with a couple of games, but damn it I want those triple a titles now.

Watched "Drillbit Taylor" last night. I expected it to be lame, and it was. Me and my nephew were bored, so we said what the hell and checked it out.

Metallica can kiss my ass. It seems they are trying to be "metal" again. Too late, homos! You've sucked since the black album was released in 91. You still suck! Only a moron with shitty taste in music would buy your new album.

Last but not least I used Google image search for the word September. The second image was the world trade center on fire. Man, it's lame that the month of September has be known for that day. BTW I decided to go with the above picture even though it has nothing at all to do with September. I think I made a great choice. She has talent!



Phil said...

We still have hot days here, into middle October. I can't wait for the first rain.

I mostly play my Madden online. Havnt played any other games. I started really bad cause it takes time to get going on that game. You have to play all-pro mode for ranked games. I was way under 500 but I won 4 games in a row before losing yesterday cause I missed a fucking final play field goal, like 35 yards. FGs can be fucked on this new madden. Sometimes. I think my record is around 14-18. At one point I was 7-14.

I also play mostly online texas holdem. At fulltilt poker. Been playing for years, but I am getting very good now. I turned that $15 freeroll win into $41.00 now. I keep cashing in tournys. Never used a penny of my own money. It's not easy though, takes a long time to really play well.

Robert said...

I'm gonna wait on Madden. I know as soon as I buy NHL 09 I won't have time for Madden. Not to metion a bunch of other games are coming out that I really want in the next few months.

I suck at card games like Texas Holdem and any type of poker. It takes brains to play those games. I'm braindead!

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