Monday, September 15, 2008

New Game On My Radar, And The Wii Game That Made My Arm Sore

I just got the latest copy of the Official Xbox Magazine. I skipped directly to the review section which I pretty much always do. Most of the review scores for the games they did review were pretty much mediocre scores. Then I see one game that got a 9 that I was totally not expecting to see. OXM gave Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway a 9. I can honestly say that this game wasn't even on my radar, and I'm a big fan of shooters. There are a ton of WW2 video games out. I know a lot of gamers are sick of them, but I'm not. I loved Call Of Duty 2. I don't care what war it is. If it's fun I'll play it. I've never played a Brothers In Arms game, but now I'm thinking about picking this one up. It's being released next week. I'll wait and read more reviews, but I tend to trust OXM because they are usually quite critical of games.

My Wii finally got some attention. I rented Boom Blox and blew the dust off of the Wii. Me, my nephew and the wife played this for quite some time, and had a lot of fun with it. I wouldn't pay more more than 20 bucks for it, but it was fun. It's definitely a game where it can get old with multiple plays. We ended up playing the throwing modes. It's basically Jenga with different modes. After waving the Wii controller a few hours my arm became sore. All of our arms were sore. It was even worse the next day. I knew my arm was going to be sore before I even played Boom Blox because I've heard that pretty much anyone who plays it gets a sore arm. Now I'll sit back and wait for the injured arm lawsuits to start.

Boom Blox Review

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