Thursday, September 4, 2008

RSV2 Is Killing Me...Repeatedly

Months ago my wife bought me RSV2 on the day it was released. I thought the game was awesome. I was having a ton of fun with it. Then I got stuck. All through the game you get two soldiers to go through the levels with which in this game you pretty much need. At least I'm learning that I do! I've been stuck on the level where for some ungodly reason the game developers have decided to take my soldiers away and make me go it alone. Man, is this level a BITCH! Of course it's a dark level with tons of barrels and obstacles in your way, so it's tough to see your enemies. Even with night vision and thermal heat vision it's tough. On top of all of this your enemies are nearly perfect. Funny how it seems like they can always see me even though I can't see them. The worst part of all is that every time you die you go way back to the last checkpoint. You have no idea how bad this level is pissing me off. When it comes to shooters I'm definitely not a n00b, but this game is starting to make me feel like one.


Wingman709 said...

I know what you mean. But if you really want, you can bring in a coop buddy to help on that level. Makes life a lot easier.

If you need someone to join ya, hit me up sometime. I still have the game and would love to help you through that level.

Robert said...

I'm going to take you up on this offer. The next time I see that we're on at the same time, and I have time to actually play through it I'll be hitting you up for sure. I tried again today, and came sooooo close to getting to that checkpoint. I'll probably try again tonight if I'm in a patient mood.

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