Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pure Demo = Pure Fun

I was looking to kill some time tonight after playing RSV2 and STILL being stuck in the same damn level. I started browsing the 360 dashboard. I then got a bit excited to see there was a demo for Pure. A while back I expressed how awesome this looked in one of my blog entries. After playing the demo this is a buy for sure. It's got fun pick up and play game written all over it. The track I played on was beautiful. It had zero frame rate issues. It ran smoother than butter. For a high speed racer I'm happy that there were no frame rate issues. 30 frames per second never looked so good. Yeah, that's right ONLY 30 frames per second. You'd never know it though.

Hopefully people on my friends list will be picking this game up as well. I think online multiplayer will be a blast.

One Of THE Greatest Songs Ever!

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