Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Jason Statham Obsession

While I was on vacation I watched a bunch of movies that mostly included Jason Statham. I even dragged my lazy ass out to the movie theatre to see Death Race. Me and my nephew really enjoyed it too. Obviously there wasn't a deep plot or story to Death Race. It was your typical brain dead action flick. I like those kind of movies. In the 80's there were a ton of them. There are times when I just want a violent action movie where I can just sit there and take it all in without having to do too much thinking. Death Race was that movie.

I also watched The Bank Job. Not really an action movie, but really entertaining to watch. Supposedly it was based on a true story. Not so sure how true the story is, but it did make for a good movie.

Another Statham movie that I checked out was The Transporter. Yes I realize it's a few years old, but for some reason I just never bothered watching it. There was tons of over the top action that was definitely unbelievable, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I can't say the same for The Transporter 2. It was just too ridiculous. With that being said I will be going to the theatre to see The Transporter 3.

The other Statham movie that I watched was Chaos. I was mostly bored with this one, but I did enjoy the ending.

As long as Statham keeps doing action flicks I'll be watching them. He's basically the only tough guy action star worth a shit these days. I still haven't watched everything he's done, but I will. I'll probably watch WAR next.


Phil said...

I prefer the original Death Race 2000.

I liked the first Transporter hated part 2.

The Italian Job, they are making part 2.

The Bank Job, rules.

I also like Crank. They are making Crank 2. Although, I don't see how he could be in Crank 2, unless it's a prequel. LOL

Robert said...

Crank ruled! A sequel is a bad idea because there is no way it can even make sense if Statham is in it.

I've never seen Death Race 2000. It looks cheezy as hell. LOL

Phil said...

It is cheesy. It's funny, and great. Stallone and Caradine rock.

Crank 2 could be a prequel to the first crank.

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