Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mmmmm Pumpkin Ice Cream & Other Crap

It's that time of year when Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream is made. YUM! I love pumpkin pie, and I love pumpkin ice cream. It's heavenly, I tell you! I'm tempted to buy a ready made pie shell and just put this ice cream in the shell for the filling. I don't even feel bad eating it because it's LIGHT pumpkin ice cream which means it's way low in fat. You wouldn't know it by eating it though.

I picked up the new album by The Hold Steady entitled "Stay Positive" today. Man, it's been a long time since I bought an actual cd. I usually download all of my tunes off of soulseek unless it's a band that I love and/or just plain can't find it to download it. I listened to the first tarck in the car. My wife hated it, so she ejected it and handed it back to me. What does she know? She had me buy her the new Kid Rock cd today. BARF!

I also finally got around to picking up Iron Maiden's Live After Death dvd. It's actually two dvds. The first dvd has the famous Long Beach Arena show from the World Slavery Tour. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this on dvd. Live After Death is easily my favorite live recording from any band ever.

I start my vacation in two weeks! WOOT! My nephew will be staying that week. We'll be playing tons of video games. We're also taking a trip to Indiana, so we can show down at the Essen Haus. The food is to die for.

Watch this crazy bastard almost get swept over the Niagara Falls.


Phil said...

What was that nut doing in the water, anyway. LOL

Sacrilegium said...

I have that same ice cream. Mmmmmm.

Robert said...

I guess the guy was in serious debt due to gambling, so he attempted to commit suicide. He must have changed his mind after he saw just how fucking high the horse shoe falls are. LOL

Pumpkin Ice Cream owns me!

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