Monday, September 8, 2008

Controller Throwing

First let me just say that I'm generally NOT into throwing my gaming controlers no matter how frustrated I may get playing games. I know that many gamers have though. Years ago I was a controller thrower, but never to the point of breaking said controller. I doubt if there is anyone out there who hasn't at least thrown a controller down in frustration. Once in a while I'll get pissed off at a game and toss my controller down on the couch. A few years back I used to throw my Sega Genesis controller on the floor, but never broke one before. These days they are just to damned expensive to be breaking them anyway. I'm not about to slam my $50.00 360 controller on the ground.

Back in early 1994 I worked at a car wash with this guy named Mike Langan. We became friends after a while. I would go over to his house and we would play NHL94 on the Genesis. I've always been really damn good at all of the EA hockey games. I would play them religiously every day for months at a time. None of my friends could ever beat me, and the scores would always be lopsided. Mike was a controller thrower. Let me rephrase that. Mike was the master controller destroyer. One day we were playing and I was beating him really bad. I probably had like 12 goals to his 1 or something like that. He was getting sooooo pissed off. He kept throwing his controller on the ground saying things like "THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!" or "STUPID FUCKING CONTROLLER". After a while enough was enough. He stood up and slammed the controller on the ground so hard that the controller exploded and the buttons flew all over his apartment. Can you say anger issues?

If you're reading this I want to know if you are a controller thrower or have ever thrown one out of frustration.

Very Stupid Angry Gamers.


Phil said...

Never threw mine. I get pissed playing online, sometimes. Never to the point of throwing the controller.

Anonymous said...

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