Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Much To Do That My Head Is Spinning

It's entertainment overload for me right now. This is the time of year that I go insane because I have a million things I want to do, but not enough time to do everything I want to do. I'm a gamer, so I want to play all of the awesome games that are being released. I'm a big Dallas Stars fan, so I watch every Stars game. Yes, all 82 games plus the playoffs. There are movies I want to be watching. There are new cds I want to be listening to. There are also a select few tv shows that I have to watch as well. The things that are getting in my way are work and sleep. I obviously need to do both though I really wish I didn't have to.

My wallet took another hit today because I picked up Little Big Planet. My intent was to also grab Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360, but the only copies I could find were the limited edition packages that come in a lunchbox. I'm not shelling out 80 bucks for some extra garbage that I couldn't care less about. It's pretty obvious that most people felt the same way because there were a bunch of them at three stores that I went to today. Oh, there were also copies of Fallout 3 for the PS3 at every store I visited today. I own a PS3, but there is no way in hell I'm playing it on the PS3 vs the 360. I need my Achievement Points. Trophies be damned! Not to mention who even knows if there are trophies for Fallout 3. I decided I really don't need to buy Fallout 3 just yet anyway. I still have to finish Fable 2.

I did spend a small amount of time with Little Big Planet. The art style is awesome. The gameplay was fun. I have a feeling I'll be spending quite a bit of time with it. It will probably end up being one of those games I go to when I have an extra 20 or 30 minutes to play a game that isn't super involved like an rpg or a shooter is.

Fable 2 is a great game. I'm having a ton of fun with it. I still have a long way to go even though I've played it for several hours. I've been doing tons of side quests before I get to the main quests. I'm also grinding away killing bandits and beetles, so my dude can be a major stud. As soon as I finish Fable 2 I'll have more to say about it. I don't want to review it untill I've finished it.

IGN's Little Big Planet Review


Phil said...

I ordered Resistance 2

Prolly wont get mine till Friday at the earliest.
You better play some co-op with me you fucjing pussy.

Robert said...

I probably won't get my copy untill next Monday. I'm pretty damn sure this game will be a million times better than the first one. I had a few issues with the first one.

Yes, I'll co-op it with you for sure.

Phil said...

The first one was brilliant!

Did you finish it?

I loved it. I'm still playing it the second time. You get new weapons the second time around.

There are very few games I stick with and finish. There were some tough levels for me, but I was determined to finish. I loved the graphics, game play, and story.

There may be a Resistance film. I think they already have a book or two, out already.

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