Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 5 Movies That Actually Scared Me

Most of the movies that scared me were older movies from the 70's and 80's. That makes sense because when I started watching horror movies I was just a kid. I doubt if those movies would scare me as an adult if I had just now watched them. I'm always looking for that movie that will creep me out as an adult, and I've really only seen a couple. Obviously newer horror films don't scare me now, but I have had a couple send chills down my spine.

1)The Exorcist (I have a feeling that this film would make a lot of top five lists. When this was first show on tv it was like 1980 or 81. My mother wouldn't let me watch it. I was only like 8 years old. I remember going to school and hearing kids talk about just how damn scary it was. From that point on I knew it was a movie that I had to see. It wasn't untill four years later that I got to watch it. Holy shit, did it scare the living shit out of me. If my mom had let me watch that when I was 8 I have a feeling I would have been scared for life. This is one film that I would never watch alone in my dark basement even at the age of 36. This is definitely the scariest movie I've ever seen.)

2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( I actually watched this a while after seeing The Exorcist. I was at my cousin's house when I saw it. We were both scared shitless. Never before had I seen such craziness. The things going on in this movie are just so bizarre and terrifying. The thought of people like this existing in some out of the way place is just scary as hell to me.)

3) Amityville Horror (Back in the day people talked about how this house was actually haunted. From everything I've read it was pretty much proven to be bullshit. I still wouldn't stay in that house even on a dare. The look of that house just creeps me out. This is yet another movie that scraed the shit out of me.)

4) Jaws (It's not exactly your typical horror movie, but damn is it scary as hell. To imagine a shark that big that is constantly on the prowl eating people who swim in the Pacific Ocean is just creepy. After seeing Jaws I didn't even want to go in the lake or a pool when I was a kid.)

5) When A Stranger Calls ( The opening scene of this movie is just insanely creepy. Having the killer right inside the house calling you on the phone is just pure horror genius. Have you checked the kids?)

"THE" scene from 'When A Stranger Calls'.


Wingman709 said...

I agree with The Amityville Horror. Creepy movie and the book was just as bad.

I would add the following movies which scared the crap out of me based on the commercials only. I never actually saw these movies due to the commercials scaring me so badly.

Silent Scream
The Legacy
The Fog

Those are probably pretty lame movies, but as a kid, the commercials freaked me out something fierce. Maybe I will add those to my NetFlix and see how bad they really are. hahaha.

Phil said...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the main movie that scares me. Always has. Not many movies do, cause I've seen so many horror films.

Another is the french film, Haute Tension.

I saw When A Stranger Calls in the theater when it was first released. My mom took me. Fucking movie blew my mind. "We traced the call, it's coming from inside the house". I about shit my pants. I was 13 at the time.

Robert said...

If we're talking about movies that I haven't seen based on commercials I'll go with 'Scanners'. Those commercials freaked me out when I was a kid. I still haven't seen that movie.

Phil, that rules that you saw When A Stranger Calls in the theatre.

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