Saturday, October 18, 2008

Psycho Ward Haunted House

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. One of the many things that will be going on tomorrow is a trip to the Psycho Ward Haunted House. As much as I like horror and gore and scary crap these types of attractions just don't float my boat. I've never bothered going to one because I just figure it will be lame and I'll just laugh at the cheeziness of the whole spectacle. My wife and daughter go to these haunted houses every year. I generally stay home and watch the Stars play hockey. I'm really not expecting much from this trip except to laugh at a bunch of retards trying their best to scare me. I have nerves of steel, so I doubt if I'll even flinch. Not like I'm trying to sound like a badass because remember I'm a straight up Nancy boy when I see a praying mantis. I do hope hope I at least jump a few times, but I doubt it. If they had a room full of praying mantis' I'd run out of the place at full speed.

Psycho Ward

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Sacrilegium said...

Tell that sexy beast I said happy birthday.

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