Friday, October 10, 2008

Top 5 Worst Things To Find In Your Trick Or Treat Bag

Most people handing out candy on Halloween got it right, but there were also those numbskulls who got it so so wrong!

1) Raisins (Raisins? Seriously? I think it was mostly old people who handed out those small boxes of raisins. I know old people are out of touch, but damn.)

2) Apples (First of all kids don't want an apple when they go out on Halloween. Second of all it's so easy to stick needles in these things.)

3) Loose Change (Kids don't want nickels and pennies in their bags. Dollar bills would be ok though.)

4) Tooth Brushes (Is this just a slap in the face or what?)

5) Mary Jane Candy (These things are just horrible. I think I only ever ate one of these and that was when I was really young and didn't know any better. This might be the worst candy ever created.)

On a totally unrelated note check out Geekologie. I just happened to find it while surfing the net. There are some really cool things on this blog that you may enjoy.

Bert & Ernie like you've never seen them before !!!NSFW!!!

1 comment:

Phil said...

5. Rocks

4. Shit

3. Razor Blade

2. Cum

1. Tickets to Oakland Raiders football game at home.

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