Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Killzone 2 Reviews Are Rolling In

It looks like the PS3 finally has that killer FPS that has been missing. I know some people would say that the Resistance games are worthy, but to me (and I've only played the first one) they are average at best. I feel like I'm qualified to say that after playing many shooters on consoles. I don't think Resistance is a bad game. It's just not great or incredible. Obviously I haven't played KZ2 yet, but it's getting some great review scores, and it looks amazing graphically. This might actually be a buy eventually. If it were on the 360 it would be a buy right away just for the multiplayer modes. Sony just hasn't figured out how to give gamers the perfect online multiplayer experience yet. Untill they do I probably won't be buying many games for the PS3. The 360 has spoiled me as far as online games go.

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Phil said...

sistance rules, the game and the story. Plus, it's my favorite way to play a game. I mean the way the controls work, other games can be so fucked up and unplayable because of trying to aim and the way the character moves. I love everything about the RES games.

I never played or heard of Killzone. I will be getting that gamefly soon. I did my taxes yesterday. I will use my entire fed to pay off my credit card. I wont have to pay that bill each month so Ill try out game fly later this month.

Robert said...

I guess my main problem with Resistance is the way the game feels. Your character feels too fast and a bit floaty.

I think you'll dig gamefly.

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