Monday, January 5, 2009

Movin' On Up Like George & Weezie

I definitely enjoy blogging about video games and old pop culture junk. Now I'm going to be blogging here and over at
Obviously I'll be submitting articles and reviews based on everything Xbox 360. I'm looking forward to that. I've been listening to the This Xbox Life podcast since the beginning, and well before when they were doing another show. The hosts of This Xbox life are nice down to earth people. I think it's really cool that they asked me to be a part of their blogging community. If you like what you read here make sure you check out the This Xbox Life site as well.


Phil said...


Tell the world how shitty the hockey all star voting is!!!!!

Robert said...

I don't even vote on that anymore. It's a popularity contest. It's a total joke!

Robert said...

Oh, and thanks for the congrats.

Phil said...

When do you blog there?

Robert said...

I just submitted my first blog post. It's already up. The title is "Plenty Of New Games In Early 2009". They even have my gamercard with my gay little avatar up...which is actually cool. :)

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