Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gamefly, Mercs 2, Saints Row, Wii, Sony, & Xbox 360

Today while I was updating my Gamefly Q there was a little message asking me if I wanted to upgrade my account from 1 game to 2 games for less than 25 cents a day. I swear I have no willpower. I of course had to upgrade. No matter how you look at it it's a damn good deal though. For 23 bucks a month I can rent two games at a time and have them untill I'm done with them. At my local Hollywood Video it costs me 8 bucks for five days to rent just one game. That's 48 bucks a month for one game plus late fees if I bring it in late. On top of that their selection isn't nearly as extensive as Gamefly's is.

The first game I got from Gamefly in the mail was Mercenaries 2. I had already rented it a while back and even had some fun with it. This time around I just wasn't enjoying it at all. It's going back to Gamefly Monday. Mercs 2 is basically a JUST CAUSE clone. JUST CAUSE is actually more fun to play. As far as "sandbox" games go it's just not that good. I also think that after playing SAINTS ROW 2 it just made Mercs 2 feel like a really bad game. Strange how a "sandbox" game like SR2 can make Mercs 2 seem like a really bad game.

Speaking of Saints Row 2...I actually went back to play the original Saints Row. When I bought it it kept freezing up on me constantly. I decided to see what would happen if I installed it to my Xbox 360 HDD. I'm happy to report that I haven't had a single problem with it after many hours of game play. If you ask me the best feature on the NXE is installing games to your HDD. I've already had two dvd drives die on me, so this should save my dvd drive. On top of that my 360 is so quiet while I'm playing a game from the HDD. It's also not even getting warm after being on for 5 hours.

I thought about firing up the Wii today. That thought came and went quickly though. After owning a Wii for close to a year I just don't understand why these things are STILL flying off the shelves. It's a mystery. It's also a mystery why I can't just bring myself to sell it. Though my wife and daughter use it once in a while, so I guess it does get some use in my house.

You know what else doesn't get much use? My PS3 doesn't get used much. I've played some Little Big Planet. I'm really not finding that game to be all that fun. If the controls were precise and not floaty the game would probably be really fun. I find it more frustrating than fun though. I find it especially frustrating playing local co-op. This game was so not made for local co-op. It's a headache. I mean it's an actual headache. Playing this game with another person gets so irritating that it seriously gives me a headache. Can you say overrated? This game is. Getting back to the PS3...I've only bought a handful of games for it. Of those games I've finished one. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune happens to be that game. It's great game that every PS3 owner should play. I also own a handful of blu-ray discs. I just can't bring myself to pay the prices that blu-ray movies are going for. I know there are deals out there, but I'm not even willing to pay for sale priced blu-rays. Now that I have instant streaming on Netflix I don't even want to buy movies on dvd or Blu-ray. I am however looking forward to using my PS3 this year for a few exclusive games. It may get some use yet. Of course I'm sure I'll have to blow the dust off of it before I start it up. After that there is sure to be an online update that will take forever to download and then install. Let's not even talk about HOME. Sony, will you ever get it right? If they ever do get it right I'm afraid it may be too late.

Meanwhile I have nothing but good things to say about the Xbox 360. They gave us a brand new dashboard with a bunch of new features that actually work. They also continue to pump out amazing games and give us a great reliable online service. Hell, the red ring of death problems may even being a thing of the past for the most part because of the new Jasper 65nm chips.


Phil said...
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Phil said...

The next game I might buh is Resident Evil. Not sure if I will get it right in March, though. After I do my taxes, I will figure out if I have money to spend. I will save most of it for the next travel to see The Gathering. If they tour the US in 2009. I'll use my vacation to go to as many of their shows as I can afford.

Gojira "From Mars To Sirius"

I haven't been playing games at all. I've been downloading and watching all of the Oscar screeners, leaked.

SKULL MUST SEE Gran Torino and even more so. "The Wrestler" the best film of 2008. IMO
You will love the soundtrack, and the video game related scene. LOL
Brilliant film, brilliant acting. 10/10

Robert said...

The Wrestler is definitely a movie I MUST see.

Nothing but props to you for being a major The Gathering fanboy. You support your band and I'm all about supporting bands that you love. You knew that though.

I think Resident Evil 5 is going to be awesome. I keep hearing that it's not much different from RE4. That's fine with me.

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