Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Random Thoughts From Yours Truly

After streaming unlimited Netflix movies to my HDTV for a small fee of about 9 bucks a month I see no need to ever visit a video store ever again. Of course Netflix doesn't have every new release movie streaming, but they do have over 12,000 to choose from, and that enough for me. How long before dvds are obsolete and consumers download all of their movies? It might be sooner than we think.

I beyond thrilled with Gamefly. I really should have signed up a long time ago. Gamefly is going to save me so much money it's unreal.

Speaking of saving money...I've been putting all of my extra cash in the bank instead of mindlessly spending it on bullshit. This is a new concept for me. It's weird to look at a bank statement and actually see money in my account. Of course I'm only saving it for my mid life crisis Mustang, but that's besides the point.

I've been getting kinda burnt out on posting to this blog. It doesn't help that I'm blogging for thisxboxlife. I feel like whatever I create for that blog has to be a million times better and way more creative. In reality it's probably not though. HaHa
I'm just a gaming nerd with too many opinions.

Man, I hope Sony gives me a reason to want to turn on my PS3 and actually play games on it. Killzone 2 could be that game. I really hope that's the case. Right now it's just a blu-ray player that doesn't get used very often. Which reminds me that I need to watch RAMBO one of these days. I saw it in the theatre, so I'm in no hurry.

NHL All-star weekend is approaching, but I really don't care. I never really have. I'm happy that Mike Modano is a part of it as well as Stephane Robidas, but beyond that I couldn't care less.


Wingman709 said...

I love GameFly. It has allowed me to play a ton of games while saving tons of money.

Phil said...

DVD's won't go away. People want to own them, plus the extras. Blu-Rays are 25gigs. No one will be downloading FULL versions of those in the near future.

I need my tax return to pay off my credit card.

In California we will not get our tax returns right now because the state is BROKE! At least I will get federal refund sometime in February. It only takes a week filing online and using direct deposit.

Robert said...

Gamefly is great! It's saving me sooooo much money.

I'm definitely one of those people who want a physical copy of a movie, but I do think dvd sales will end up taking a hit in favor of downloads.

I just went through and read my blog. I made a bunch of errors. I was tired when I posted this and it shows. WHEEEEEWWWWWW!

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