Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wrestler...What An Amazing Movie

I don't generally throw around the word "amazing" to describe things that entertain me. I probably don't because I don't find many sources of entertainment amazing. "The Wrestler" is definitely in the amazing category though. Often times I'll watch a film and will find a bunch of things that flat out just don't work or are just too far fetched to be believed. "The Wrestler" is the story of a "washed up" wrestler starring Mickey Rourke who has seen better days. This isn't one of those over the top cheezeball wrestling movies that makes you roll your eyes and reach for the remote to turn off your television. This is a film that even if you know absolutely nothing at all about wrestling or just plain don't give a shit about wrestling you will enjoy it anyway. Rourke's portrayal of Randy "The Ram" Robinson is perfection. Not once did I think I was watching someone who was trying to act like a wrestler. I saw someone who was a wrestler. Rourke nailed it! During the course of this film "The Ram" goes through so many roadblocks. At times it was gutwrenching to watch. I just felt so bad for this guy. He was alone. His body was broke down. He didn't have anything. He didn't have anybody. The only thing he had was wrestling and the few fans who cared about him. I think this is a film that anyone with half a heart needs to see. It's dark. It's depressing. It's one of the best films I've ever seen.

The Wrestler Trailer

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Phil said...

Yeh, my favorite movie for 2008, for sure.

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