Saturday, January 10, 2009


Opinions are like assholes or so I've heard. According to many people I apparently have bad taste in movies. Hey, in my opinion I don't have bad taste. I just have my taste. I was at work listening to a gaming podcast where they started discussing movies. The hosts were ragging on the lastest RAMBO movie saying it was one of the worst movies ever created. Have these people ever watched the Police Academy series or Shakes The Clown with Bobcat? It's obvious to me that I have a lot of years on these people or they just haven't watched many movies. I'm not saying RAMBO is a masterpiece because it's not, but it's far from being one of the worst movies ever created. I saw RAMBO in the theatre and enjoyed it. It was a guy movie. There was blood and guts with heavy artillery and not much of a plot. What the hell do you want from a Sylvester Stallone movie anyway? I like Sly. I always have. He's done some great action movies, and really in my mind not much can touch most of the Rocky movies or Rocky Balboa the character. The same goes for John Rambo. I'm starting to to think that the generations of "men" after my generation are just a bunch of pussies. It's simple to me...if you have testosterone you like ROCKY and RAMBO. If you don't like either you're a momma's boy who should be named Nancy while wearing a skirt. CASE CLOSED!


Phil said...

Rambo was a cool action film.
Yer podcast buddies should stick with Mamma Mia, and House Bunny.

Robert said...

I can't even remember what podcast it was. It was NOT this xbox life though.

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