Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Worth A Rental

I just read a couple of game reviews for some new releases this week when something dawned on me. Are there any games being made that are worth a buy? It seems like all I see in game reviews anymore is "it's worth a rental". I'm not arguing that most games are only worth a rental. I haven't bought a new game since November of 2008. I buy a lot of games too...or at least I was buying a lot of games untill I realized that most new releases are only worth a rental. I found that I was buying a game for 60 bucks only to finish it in 8-12 hours. If the game has multiplayer that's good then the game has more value, but a lot of the games I was buying where multiplayer was in the game the multiplayer modes just felt tacked on. Publishers are scrambling to try and somehow stop people from selling their games after they finish them so that Gamestop can't make millions off of used game sales. My answer to the game publishers and developers is to make good games that aren't just worth a rental.


Repro said...

They shipped Killzone 2 today. I hope I get it on Saturday.

Bioshock is next on my list. I keep my list empty except for what I want so they send me what I want. I did have to wait 3 extra days. :/

Robert said...

Fuck, I should start doing that, so I end up with exactly what I want.

Wingman709 said...

You gotta learn to work your rental queue. If you want a new game, make sure you have no current games in your queue and send something back a week in advance to ensure they get it and that slot is open. Then on release day, you will get the new game.

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