Thursday, March 12, 2009

Achievement Points: I Think I'm Finally Over Them

There are a ton of games that I had planned on renting from Gamefly that would give me easy achievement points. I had palnned on starting with Kung Fu Panda. I've played three levels of the game and I'm bored stiff. After the second level I realized I just wasn't having fun with the game. I thought to myself is it really worth playing a game that I don't like just to get some nerd points? My answer is hell no. I'm sending it back tomorrow. I refuse to give a shit about achievement points from this day forward. From now on I'm playing games on various consoles for fun. Achievement points and trophies be damned!


Sacrilegium said...

welcome to the dark side!

Wingman709 said...

I hear ya. I am tired of Achievement points. The last challenge just wore me out and made me sick of them as well. I like them for the fact that I will try new things in games, but I am done with the Achievement Whoring. No more stupid games just for achievements. I am with you buddy.

Phil said...

If I had bought an XBOX, the points wouldn't have mattered to me. I play to beat a game and have fun.

BTW I have more trophies than you! LOL

I think I've only played two games that give trophies, maybe three.

Robert said...

Wing, you actually kinda got me thinking about how tired I am of playing bad games or even games that aren't fun for achievement points after listening to the last podcast.

Phil, in the beginning I didn't care at all about getting achievement points. Then after a couple of months I was addicted. I rarely ever play my PS3, and actually I've never cared at all about trophies. Sony only added trophies to say "hey we kinda have achievements too" which is lame.

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