Monday, March 16, 2009

Playboy Should Be Renamed Playboring

In the 80's when I was just a teenager I enjoyed looking through the pages of Playboy whenever I was at my older friend's house. Back then I obviously hadn't seen a real live naked chick...well not untill I was 16 anyway. When you're hormones are raging and all you can think about is sex Playboy is a damn fine magazine or at least it was back then. Recently my wife decided to get a subscription to Playboy. She also subscibed about 10 or so years ago for me, and I guess for her as well. It's perfectly normal for women to read Playboy magazine. Afterall it's not like we're talking about Hustler magazine or anything. Playboy is known as a "gentleman's magazine". It's easily the tamest magazine you'll find that contains pictures of nude women on it's pages. Back in the 90's when I was reading and looking at Playboy magazine I remember it being half way decent. I could usually find some decent articles as well as some nice looking women to feast my eyes upon. These days I'd have to say that Playboy is a totally worthless magazine. We've recieved two issues so far, and both of them have been terrible. The articles are boring. The comics are unfunny, and the women are even boring and predictable looking. Playboy magazine and Hef are obviously out of touch with what's going on today. Either that or I'm out of touch with what's going on today. Maybe I'm just too perverted for a magazine that's this tame. Forget the fact that I want my women to look like real obtainable women and Playboy's bunnies are far from that. I can almost forgive Hef for having fake looking airbrushed women that anyone reading this would have no chance in hell with. I can't forgive Hef for turning Playboy into a snoozefest of a magazine. Hef ruined his magazine, but he can't ruin my 80's Playboy memories of hot curvaceous babes.
(Hustler > Playboy) Larry Flynt knows what's up!

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Phil said...

Playboy sucks. The internet is much better. You get to choose what types of chicks you want to check out. Plus, it's free. Just make sure you scan your PC with Ad-Aware sometimes.

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