Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm in mediocre game limbo right now. I'm renting game after game only to send them back to Gamefly soon after I get them in the mail. I'm pretty sure I've played just about every single AAA title there is on the Xbox 360. Now I'm going back and playing games that I was either mildly interested in or just plain didn't care about. It's hard to play mediocre games after playing so many great games. It seems like a waste of time. It probably is a waste of time. After playing GRID for a few days I'm already tired of that. I'll probably be sending that back tomorrow even though I've only invested about four hours into it. Maybe my expectations are just too high. Could it be that I'm expecting great things from every game I play? Could it be that I'm just burned out on games? I recall this same thing happening to me a few years back with new metal bands. There were just too many new bands that were bad to mediocre. I got sick of checking out band after band only to be underwhelmed or disappointed. That could be the same thing that's happening with video games. I really hope not. I haven't played an incredible game since I finished FALLOUT 3. I guess it was bound to be all downhill from there.


Sacrilegium said...

There's DLC for Fallout 3 now. Skank. :-)

Repro said...

You try Killzone 2, yet?
Fucking gamefly, I sent back badcompany, they got it on monday. I had taken all games off my list except killzone 2. Still waiting for them to send it. It says low availability. I wonder how many days I will be without a game. Paying them. lol

Robert said...

Killzone 2 is on my gameflyQ, but I don't see them sending me that for a while. Repro, you need to play Bio-shock. That game rules. I think you'll like it.

Sac, I plan on getting The Pit dlc AFTER they fix the DL problems.

Repro said...

I qued bioshock, it's low availability, also. I might go two weeks without a game. I'm gonna go up to the video store this week and see how much rentals are.

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