Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Of The Worst Games I've Ever Played, And The Thought Of Being A Vampire

I've had all I can stand from Silent Hill: Homecoming. I just stuck it back in the Gamefly envelope to be shipped back tomorrow. I tried and I tried to stick with it, but this game is just a steaming turd. Read my review over at ThisXboxLife.com

A question was posed from a listener on Podcast Beyond that had me thinking. The question was something like if you had a choice to be a vampire would you? My reply is hell yes! You could live forever unless of course you came into contact with direct sunlight for to long, ate some garlic bread, have holy water splashed on you, or have the dreaded stake driven through your heart. Of course I could be wrong on a couple of those. I'm not a vampire expert or anything. Living forever sounds awesome. Who needs a soul when you can live forever? The sunlight thing wouldn't bother me either. I spend most of the day sleeping anyway. Most of my "day" is actually at night. Another reason to be a vampire is because women seem to find vampires sexy. I'd bite hot women on the neck and have life long companions. If I got sick of them I'd just drive a stake through their heart.

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Phil said...

I don't care much for Vampires. True Blood and a couple movies are ok. The rest are crap.
As far as being one. You get super strength. You can do what you want. I'd do it to kill and rape.

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