Friday, February 27, 2009

Classic Album Of The Week

Slayer's South Of Heaven was actually the first Slayer album that I heard in it's entirety. I remember thinking how trippy that last long note at the end of South Of Heaven was. I still listen to this album a few times a year. It never seems old or dated to me. They obviously slowed down a bit after Reign In Blood, but it's still a really heavy album. Not that playing super fast equals heavy because it doesn't.

South Of Heaven is one of the greatest title tracks in the history of Metal. I love that erie beginning riff and that classic line "Before You See The Light You Must DIIIIIIIIIIIIE!"

Dave Lombardo was the man back in the day. Sometimes when I listen to South Of Heaven I concentrate on just the drums. Dave had so many awesome drum fills on this album.

Standout songs: South Of Heaven, Behind The Crooked Cross, Mandatory Suicide, Spill The Blood.

Most underrated song: Read Between The Lies

Shortly after hearing this album I became obsessed with a little song called Angel Of Death off of Reign In Blood. I played that song over and over before listening to the whole album. Once upon a time Slayer was a great Thrash Metal band playing some really creative music. In my opinion their last good album was Divine Intervention. Since then I haven't heard anything worth a shit.


Phil said...

I first got into them on Reign. I had bought the tape. The funny thing was the full album fit on one side of the tape, so they put the full album on each side. LOL

People bitch now if a band puts out a 45 minute CD. In my day 40 minutes was a lot for an album. :)

I LOVE South Of Heaven. I saw them on that tour with Judas Priest. Great concert.

Sacrilegium said...

I love this one too.

RIB is only 40 minutes, but it has more good material than most albums do at 75.

Robert said...

Actually RIB is only 30 minutes. :)
I agree with you though.

I just listened to Divine Intervention tonight. It's Slayer's last decent album. Though to me it sounds like a bunch of leftovers from Seasons In The Abyss.

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