Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cause Of Death Reigns Supreme As My Second Classic Pick

As much of a Thrash fan as I was back in the late 80's I really wanted something heavier. In 1990 me and a friend of mine were both having the same issue. We were huge Thrash Metal fans, but we wanted something more. I really didn't know much about Death Metal, but I was definitely interested in hearing more from the genre. The album that really kick started it all for me as far as Death Metal goes is Obituary's "Cause Of Death". From the opening track "Infected" to the last track, "Turned Inside Out" I was just blown away by what I heard. There wasn't a bad song to be had. There wasn't even a a single song that I would consider "filler". I think the thing that really did it for me was the guitar playing of James Murphy. This guy's playing to me is just incerdible. To this day he is still my favorite Death Metal guitarist. James Murphy was obviously on a lot of other people's lists as being an incredible guitarist because he played with several other bands in the Death Metal genre.

I've listened to a lot of Death Metal albums since 1990, and I don't hold too many of those albums in the same reguard that I hold "Cause Of Death". There are a few that are in the same league, but most pale in comparison. This album just has a great vibe that I can't even describe. One of the things that I love about Obituary is that they don't feel like they have to play 100 mph to be heavy. To me they have one of the heaviest sounds you'll ever hear. On top of that the songs are memorable. You don't feel like the next song on the album that you're listening to sounds like the one before it. This batch of songs actually have their own identity from song to song. This is a problem that would later plague the Death Metal genre. You'd have band after band pumping out albums where every song would sound like the one before it. If you ask me it's what has killed the genre. That and the fact that after a while every DM vocalist started to sound the same. That's something that cannot be said about John Tardy. He had his own style for the most part. Yeah he had the gutteral voice with unintelligible vocals most of the time, but he delivered them in a way that was different from the rest.

This album definitely belongs in the top 10 all time best Death Metal albums list. For me it's probably at the very top. I may also feel this way because it was one of the first DM albums I ever heard, but without hearing this one in the beginning who knows how I may have felt about the genre. What if my first DM album had been something by Oppressor or Broken Hope? I may have ran screaming back to Thrash Metal.

If I had to pick just one track as my favorite it would be tough to do, but I think I'd have to choose "Chopped In Half". It's a face ripper from beginning to end.

Great album. Great band.

Chopped In Half


Phil said...

Ill have to download this, since Ive gotten into heavier stuff in the last year or two.

Robert said...

I fully expected this to be a comment from Sac. He also shares my love for this album. THis is a classic for sure. Just don't ask Fowley his opinion LOL.

Phil said...

Finished COD4. I must play and finish these games so I can get another. Damn gamefly is making me play.

This game has a cool story great game play, great weapons. I think there should be a bit more strategy, a bit less insane pace. I play on not the easiest level the next one up.

After the credits then you save the dude on the plane, ok extra. I did not try it online, despite it being an online favorite of many.

8.5 / 10

Phil said...

how long does it take these fools to send my next game? It says as soon as it is scanned by post office they send the next game. The post office is right next to my house. I took it inside yaesterday morning. The gamefly still doesnt show that it was scanned. Im sure it has already left my post office to them. No way am I getting two at a time. Plus, no instructions come with the games. I dont feel like looking up the instructions if I need them. I didnt for COD4.

Phil said...

Damn. Gamefly waits until they get the returned game. Gottaplay sends the next game as soon as the post office scans the game you send back. Gottaplay is $3.00 less a month, plus you save at least two days each time you change games. I will keep gamefly for the two months. After you get the $20.00 credit, I'm changing to gottaplay. :)

Robert said...

Repro, I'll actually hook you up with the 20 dollar credit. I chose 20 bucks from Amazon. I'll just let you have it. :)

Robert said...

BTW I may also switch to Gottaplay. The wife was telling me how lame she thought it was that I had to wait a few days after sending back a game.

Robert said...

Holy shit maybe I won't. Scan down and read some of the comments about Gottaplay.

Phil said...

i read those. i'll stick with gamefly for now. it's cool you can use the $20.00. It will probably credit for their gamefly store to buy a used game.I want to try Fear 2, but I have COD5 qued first.

Phil said...

Oh if they let you spend it at amazon you should get BluRay DVD of The Mist.

Robert said...

I just thought it was really cool of you to hook me up with the 20 dollar credit. That's why I said I'd hook you up with it instead.
The Mist is awesome. Are there extras on the BluRay dvd? So far Fear 2 is really good. It's super easy on normal mode though. IN two hours I haven't dided onece. I should have started on hard.

Phil said...

It's twodis bluray. The director wanted the film in black and white, so there are two versions of the film. Lots of extras, commentary, featurettes, documentary 38 minutes long, deleted scenes.

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