Saturday, February 14, 2009

F.E.A.R.2 Impressions, & Iron Maiden Is Owning Me Lately

Gamefly shipped F.E.A.R.2 Project Origin to my homestead yesterday. I've been waiting for a true sequel to the FEAR franchise since I finished the first FEAR game. It was worth the wait. Why FEAR Files was even released is beyond my comprehension, but this sequel makes up for that borefest of a video game. Though I do plan to go back to FEAR Files one day.

The two or so hours that I spent with FEAR 2 was definitely a fun time. I really don't have many complaints about it so far. The one thing that really stands out is how easy it is on normal mode. I'm a seasoned veteran with shooters, but I'm not incredible. This game is a breeze on normal difficulty. In two hours of gameplay I haven't died once. I only came close to dying once. The first FEAR was nothing like this in terms of difficulty on normal mode. I found the first FEAR rather challenging. The first FEAR also had a very tactical feel to it where the sequel seems more run and gun. Not that you can really run in tight corridors, but it feels that way. Of course you can also slow down time just like in the first FEAR game, but in my opinion you actually needed to slow down time in a lot of sections just to save yourself from getting killed over and over. This time around slowing down time just looks cool when you shoot an enemy in the face because you get to watch the blood fly in slow motion. Oh, by the way if you love blood you'll definitely enjoy this game. I feel like I should have started playing on the hard difficulty, but with two hours in I'm not starting over. I truly hope the difficulty ramps up as I go through the game, but I'm not really counting on it. Oh, and one more thing. I actually did find myself freaked out a couple of times. I won't spoil that by telling you why though. Based on two hours of play I would definitely recommend renting FEAR 2.

Every so often I go through a period of time where I can't get enough of a certain band. I've been a huge Iron Maiden fan since 1984's POWERSLAVE album was released. Lately I just can't get enough Maiden. Throw a couple of Bruce's solo albums in the mix for good measure as well. This band is easily one of the best bands in the history of music. Yeah, that's right I said it. The history of recorded music. Maiden is just so damn good at what they do.


Phil said...

Maiden is great, even though I haven't listened to them in a while. A great live band, also.

I should be playing Fear 2 at some point. Depends on when I finish other games from gamefly.

Phil said...

My email to gamefly.....

Hi, I just started this service to try it out. I was wondering why Gamefly does not do the tracking like gottaplay. Where, as soon as the post office scans the game I am returning, the next game gets shipped to me. Before you get my returned game. The problem is, I will be paying about $17.50 a month to have one game at a time. I finished COD4, I mailed the game back on Thursday morning. You got the game on Saturday (today). As of now my next game has not been shipped. I figure it won't be shipped until Monday. Which means, I would get my next game on Wednesday (IF I'm lucky). 6 days without a game. So, I'll be lucky to get 3 games a month. At this price, it's not cheaper than renting from the local video store.

Robert said...

Let me know if they e-mail you back, and what they have to say.

Maiden Rules!

Phil said...

They say that they do send right when postal scans them in.

Thank you for contacting GameFly. A FastReturn™ is initiated when a barcode located on the return mailer is scanned by the U.S. Postal Service. This scan is then sent to GameFly to enable our FastReturn™ system to start processing the next title in your GameQ. Unfortunately, the USPS scan rate is not 100%, so FastReturn™ is not available in all cases. For example, the equipment may not be present in certain USPS facilities, the equipment could be out of service, or the barcode may have been damaged. We appreciate you letting us know your experience and will continue to work diligently with the USPS to increase the scanning process and ultimately provide you a more consistent experience with FastReturn™.

Robert said...

Heh, I guess it's cool that they at least e-mail you a reply.

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