Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Classic Album Pick

While listening to the self titled Danzig album I decided that I'd start blogging about classic albums. That is albums that are classic to me. They may not be classic to people reading this, but that's ok. I figure I'll just pick albums that I love and give some thoughts on them. People who know me probably figured my first pick would be an Overkill album. You can count on seeing Overkill albums being blogged about soon enough. Right now it's all about the incredible self titled Danzig album, so let's begin.

I first heard this album from my at the time best friend who was about three years older than me. He was actually a huge influence on my musical tastes. If not for him I might have missed out on quite a few great bands. He was also the person who turned me on to Overkill. Anyway, the first time I heard this I was at my friend's apartment. I was like what the hell is this crap? His reply was of course Danzig. I'm thinking who in the hell is Danzig? Now keep in mind that it was 1988 and Mother hadn't been in heavy rotation on Mtv yet. The first song that I heard was the first song on the album. That song being "Twist Of Cain". I remember not liking it very much. I actually made fun of it by singing "Twist Of Cain-o Snort Some Draino". My friend would just shake his head and or roll his eyes at me. He had this habit of playing a certain number of songs over and over again on albums he liked. That's exactly what he did with this album. After hearing "Twist Of Cain", "She Rides", and "Mother" over and over again I was absolutely hooked. In my mind this Glen Danzig character was pretty damn cool.

I must say that to this day I still feel like there isn't one song on this album that is a "filler" song. From start to finish it's just a great album. It's rare when I don't feel like skipping a track or two on an album. 21 years later I still love this album. God, typing that made me feel old. It's crazy to think that I was just 16 years old when the self titled Danzig album was released.

Standout tracks for me would be TWIST OF CAIN, SHE RIDES, SOUL ON FIRE, AM I DEMON, MOTHER....man, they all rule. I was about to list just about every song as a stand out track.

Go watch the video for SHE RIDES. Holy crap that woman can move it. So hot! Actually I'll post the youtube vid.

I've seen Danzig live three times with the original lineup. Every time I saw them at the Kalamazoo State Theatre. They were awesome every time. I really wish the original lineup would reunite.

I still own the original copy of this on cd. I should see if there's a remastered copy out there.

Danzig happens to be the band that almost dethroned Overkill as my favorite band.

The beginning of POSSESSION still creeps me out. Listen to it on headphones where you can hear someone chanting the word "incubus". Very cool. Very creepy.

This album is a classic, and it's not the only Danzig album that deserves be called a classic.



Phil said...

I like the first 3 or 4 Danzigs. After that I like a couple songs here and there.

Never seen Danzig. I went to see him at Blackest Of The Black a couple years ago. Opening were Lacuna Coil, Belphagor and The Haunted.

Danzig never showed up! They said somone stoled some equipment or some BS. I was also there to see Lacuna Coil anyway. They played a couple extra songs, since Danzig wasn't there.

Maybe Danzig heard that Kings band guy was showing up. :)

Phil said...

Off topic...

I haven't decided to go with gamefly yet, because gotta play is $3.00 a month cheaper for one game at a time. I've read what options are available from both companies. The only difference is gamefly has a lot more games, overall.

If I do go with gamefly. You can get $20.00 for referring me. From what I read.

So, go to your gamefly account and send me an invite or however it works.

My email is spookiephil@hotmail.com

Robert said...

Well, that's damn nice of ya! I check on that. Thanks. :)

HaHa Danzig got knocked the fuck out!

Robert said...

I just sent you an e-mail referral from Gamefly. Pretty cool. I even sold out and added a Gamfly advertizement to this blog. HaHa
SAC needs a Gamefly account now.

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

I signed up. Let me know if you actually get credit. I dont know how long I will use them.

I ordered the two latest call of duties, Killzone 2, chronicles of riddick, and Blitz. The League 2

Robert said...

I guess in order for me to get credit you have to pay for the service for two months. Those last two Call Of Duties are great...especially COD 4. I'll be surprised if you don't love the shit out of that.

Phil said...

Cool. They shipped COD4 already. Should be fun/ I have COD2 on PC. I never finished. I got stuck after you storm the beachs and climb the rope. In the trenches I can never figure out which way to go. I loved playing that game. Great sound and it was only on my PC speakers. PS3 is with my surround sound.

Robert said...

Storming the beaches was a bitch! It took me a long ass time to get up that damn rope, but I did it. That was actually the first game that I finished on the 360.

Phil said...

I got up the rope, its the next section after that. Is insane and I even looked for help online and every time Im in the trenches up there I cant figure out where to go cause the fences between the sections. Havent played it in months though.

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