Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Idea For A Judas Priest Advil Commercial

So I'm listening to Judas Priest's PAINKILLER on my mp3 player tonight at work while I'm doing my 30 minute walk. Yeah, that's right I'm getting paid to exercise. That's how I like to look at. Anyway I got to thinking how great the song PAINKILLER would be in an Advil commercial. First you see Priest jamming on stage playing PAINKILLER. Then Rob Halford grabs a bottle of Advil. He then screams THIS IS THE PAINKILLER while pointing at the bottle of Advil. Genius isn't it? Almost as genius as a new ROCK OF LOVE with Glenn Danzig. I smell bullshit on that one, but I can dream can't I!?


Phil said...

That would be the greatest commercial ever. If they didn't tone down the song for the ad.

Robert said...

It's so obvious too. I'm surprised Sac didn't already think of it. He's usually the freak that comes up with shit like that.

Wingman709 said...

Hahahaha. Great idea.

Sacrilegium said...

Pffft. That's older than the dick crust in Rob Halford's butt crack!

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