Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You See That Penis?

Well, it seems that you get to see full frontal male nudity in the new The Lost And Damned DLC for GTA 4. I haven't seen it. I may go look for the video so I can post it here. I guess all of the middle school kids are filling up message boards about how they aren't going to play it because you see a dick in the game. OMG A COCK! I'm just wondering how long (haha how long) it will be before the media goes ape shit over this. BTW Phil I'll save you the trouble by saying ROCKSTAR GAMES you FAGGOTS! LOL


Sacrilegium said...

Why are they getting so teste over this?

Phil said...

What is DLC?
Extra download stuff for the game?

I hardly got anywhere on that game.

I should finish COD5 today. It seems, since I'm paying per month, I am beating these games like never before!!!
In true Jew fashion, I have come into my own as a gamer.

Sacrilegium said...

DLC = Down Loadable Content.

Don't ask me why "downloadable" is two words. It just is.

Phil said...

Ah, I'm not downloading anything unless it's free.

I finished COD5. It got better as it went along. COD4 is still better.

8/10 for COD5/

There is an extra game called Nazi Zombies after you beat the game.

I'll mail it back tomorrow and hope they send me Killzone 2, next.

Robert said...

I guess they call it DLC because it sounds cooler than DC. Ha!

Sounds good Phil. The more gamers the merrier. I'm turning into a jew as well. It almost makes me sick to my stomach to even think about buying games now that I'm renting everything.

BTW COD4 is DEFINITELY better than COD5.

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