Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top 5 Peeves

There are many many things in this world that people do that irritate the shit out of me. Here are just a few things that I consider to be the things that irritate me the most.

1) People that don't wash their hands after using the restroom. I'm sure we've all seen it before. You're in a public restroom and some guy who has just walked out of the shitter after grunting and groaning for probably a good 10 minutes flushes and then walks right out of the restroom. Of course this scumbag had to touch the door knob/handle on his way out with his shit and dick germs now all over that door knob/handle. I don't want your butthole or dick germs, scumbags!

2) People who stare. This happens all the time at work. We have a security guard on site at all times at my place of employment. Why is it that when I happen to have to go outside on the forklift every guard that we've ever had sits in the guard shack staring at me while I work? Maybe it's because guards have no concept of what real work is all about, so they're trying to figure out just what in the hell I'm doing. Security Guards = the laziest most unhealthy people on this planet.

3) Adults who smoke and cigarettes in general. I can't believe there are actually adults out there who inhale cigarette smoke. With everything we know about what cigarettes can do to the human body people continue to smoke. To me that's just pure idiocy!

4) Having to pick up after lazy people at work. I could give you a million examples of all of the shit I have to take care of after a certain asshole at work is done with his shift, but I'll spare you the boring details. I wish an anvil would fall out of the sky and hit him in the head.

5) People who think they know everything. You know the type. They know it all, and they're never wrong about anything. If they are they come up with bogus excuses. A few of us know a guy in Maine like this. Yeah, if you're reading this you jackass from Maine you can kiss my hairy white ass because you know nothing. Oh, and Obama owns you!

Obviously I could list a ton of irritations, but I'll stick with five for now.


Phil said...

People always stare at work. I give them a show. I'm always grabbing my crotch or looking up acting like I see flying creatures.

I tell the chicks which dudes dont wash after using the bathroom.

When gamefly sends me #6 on my list. Which is last on my list. I was hoping for Killzone 2. They are about to ship Battlefield Bad Company. Whatever. I could buy Battlefield for 10.00 cause I got a $5.00 off coupon from GF but I have to us it soon. There is 2K 2008 hockey game for 9.99. I can buy it for $5.00. It's an older hockey game but I dont have a hockey game and I dont plan on buying a new one.

Phil said...

Some CUNT bought the hockey game, and someone bought the bourne game which was cheap.

Phil said...

Battlefield would cost me 15, I mean. Not 10. Cause its 19.99.

Phil said...

Stormclad is closed right now.

What a fucking Cunt, Sac is.

Phil said...

BTW gamefly did the fast return this time. I mailed them the COD5 yesterday morning. Today they have already shipped the next game. Battlefield which I might just buy, cause I read reviews of how good the online play is, and that the game is really good. $15.00 after my 5 off is good, also.

Phil said...

Flooding someones BLOG, really sucks.

Robert said...

At first Gamefly wasn't sending me the top game on my list. The past two times they have. It's almost like they are seeing if you're actually going to return the other games on your list before they send you the top game.

I have a 5 dollar off coupon to use too, but there aren't any games I want. I may have to look at the cheap list before the coupon expires though.

Flooding my blog doesn't suck. Make a hundred comments if you want. Someone needs to. :)

Phil said...

The cheapest PS3 games are 15.00 right now. I missed my chance at getting the hockey game for 5.00

The $5 off for mine expires March 4th. I might just keep Battlefield Bad Company, if I like it and if no cheap games show up for PS3.

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