Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rat Skates: Born In The Basement

Shame on me for finally getting around to watching this fine piece of OVERKILL history. Man, what a great documentary! Usually when people think of Thrash Metal pioneers they always think Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. Just to be totally clear here, OVERKILL should be mentioned in the same breath. They were banging it out in the early days right along with Anthrax. As a matter of fact Danny Spitz was in OVERKILL before he was in Anthrax! People seem to either forget that or just plain never knew it.

"Rat Skates" paints a picture of fun and hard work in this documentary. He comes across as a super nice and intelligent guy. He isn't one of those bitter old Thrashers who acts as if the band he left behind owes him the world. With that being said the current OVERKILL lineup owes their existence to Rat Skates. This band was his and D.D. Verni's child. Mostly though it seems that it was Rat who put in the majority of the ass busting work creating elaborate stage sets, creating merchandise, creating the band's logo, booking gigs, and just plain making sure everything worked. It's really too bad that in the end he just realized that he wasn't cut out for touring. Being on the road just wasn't for him.

Obviously the band continued on without Rat, and thankfully so. Whether or not people want to acknowledge it OVERKILL were a huge part of the early 80's Thrash movement, and dare I say forefathers of Thrash Metal. Even if you're only mildly interested in Thrash Metal you really should watch this documentary. If anything just watch it to see some early live OVERKILL footage with the band wearing "scary" makeup as well as BLITZ wearing a cape! HaHa!


Phil said...

He has a big role in the documentary. Metal The Thrash years, or whatever it's called. It's a really good documentary.

Phil said...


Tomorrow is my one day off a week. They mailed COD5 Monday. From LA it should have came today. Nothing. I could have played all night. If it comes tomorrow that makes a full 7 days without a game.
None of the other rental places seem to be any better.

Phil said...

I think Monday was Presidents day? Fucking shit.

Robert said...

You got fucked by President's day! That sucks!

Phil said...

y. Right away I could tell it won't be as good as COD4. The game play feels different somehow. I like the cut scenes so far, I love WW2. I am very early on.

Phil said...

Not sure what happened to my other comment. The first part was, I got COD5 today. LOL

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