Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New Xbox Experience Is Here

I got the update today just like millions of other Xbox 360 owners. I played around with it for a little over an hour. Here are some first impressions...

I loved the opening intro. Very cool, and nice to look at.

The total time for the update took about 3 minutes for me. Quicker than I expected.

I spent about 20 minutes making my "Avatar". I tried to make him look as close as possible to what I actually look like. Of course the Avatar looks better. HaHa! I noticed that other people's avatars that I know really don't look like them, but I guess some people don't want their little dudes looking like them. I guess myu only complaint with avatars is that there just aren't enough clothing options right now. We all know that will change in the form of DLC that we'll have to spend space bucks on err I mean Microsoft Points. Hey, if they offer me Iron Maiden shirts for my Avatar or a Dallas Stars jersey I'm all over it.

I did have a couple of issues while messing around with this new interface. I decided to check out my friends list. After I was done looking at a friend's profile my Xbox froze up for about 40 seconds and then went back to the main interface. I've already read online about this happening to other people, but others have actually had to shut their Xbox off and then on again. Microsoft will need to patch this if it's a widespread problem.

The other issue I had was a dirty disc error while installing FALLOUT 3 to my HDD. I of course ejected the disc to check it out even though I was 100% sure the disc was totally clean. I then tried again and it installed just fine.

I plan on getting Netflix, so I'll blog about that in the future, so I can tell you just how good or not so good that will work as far as streaming to my 360 goes.

My favorite feature is definitely installing games to the HDD. There are a few reasons why. I'm directing this part to anyone who thinks this feature isn't important. Forget about tghe few seconds faster that a game may load during certain sections. I couldn't care less about that. Forget that it makes your 360 pur like a kitten because that disc drive isn't working overtime. How about the fact that an installed game will save wear and tear on your already crappy disc drive. Believe me I know they are junk. I had top send my first 360 in because of a faulty disc drive. On top of that your 360 shouldn't get as hot and red ring because your disc drive doesn't have to spin for hours on end while you're gaming. While I do feel kinda sorry for you people without the 120 HDD I gotta say that I'm happy that I bought one the week after they released. It was a steep price, but hey a hardcore gamer has do what a hardcore gamer has to do. At this point if you still have a 20 gig HDD I really think you're a fool if you can afford to spend the money on a 120 gig HDD and don't.

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Sacrilegium said...

I'm getting a 160 GB HDD put in mine. The guy who's doing it has a friggin terrabyte in his.

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