Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Early Game Of The Year Pick & GOW2 First Impression

After playing FALLOUT 3 for 25 hours now it's clear to me that this game is the best game I've played all year. It's clear that Bethesda spent 3 years making it. I spent 70+ hours on their other title OBLIVION. I never finished that game because well it got rather boring after playing it that long. I really don't see that happening with FALLOUT 3. There is no doubt in my mind that I will easily be able toi get 100+ hours out of FALLOUT 3. The side quests alone have me fully immersed in this post apocalyptic world. The characters are interesting. The creatures you battle are interesting. The side quest stories are also interesting. Once again I have to say that even people who don't care for role playing games will probably like this game. I definitely feel like I'm getting my 60 dollars worth as well. At this point I don't even want to make time for all of the new games being released. I'm fully addicted to this one. Time will tell if I continue to feel this way, but I'm pretty sure my mind won't be changed.

I actually did take a day off from playing FALLOUT 3 to finally pop Gears Of War 2 into my Xbox 360. After listening to podcast after podcast over the past year as well as reading previews and reading reviews I already knew what to expect from GOW2. It's a prettier version of GOW with better multi-player modes. With that being said I haven't played any of the multi-player or co-op modes yet. I started the single player campaign though. To me it was underwhelming. I've never been a huge GOW fan, but I do consider myself a fan of the GOW world. Afterall this was the second game I ever played on the Xbox 360. I also remember that I had a ton of fun playing the original GOW campaign on co-op with a good friend of mine. I decided to start the GOW2 campaign on Hardcore mode because I had heard over and over again that if you had played GOW and finished it this is where you should start. I'm glad I did because I found the first level to be a cakewalk. Then again I never really had a lot of trouble with hardcore on the first GOW either. All in all I spent an hour playing GOW2 because I just wasn't wowed by it. I thinking if I were co-oping the game with a friend or polaying Horde mode I'd be having fun with it. Playing it alone just isn't floating my boat though. I think my other issue with it right now is how linear it feels after playing 25 hours of FALLOUT 3 where I can go and do whatever I want in a vast world full of things to do. NOT that I'm comparing GOW2 to FO3 because I'm definitely. not. Just saying...


Phil said...

Playing R2 yesterday, my save got FUCKED. I had to start all over again. I guess I shut the game off while the game was saving. I wasn't super far into the game, but it was 4 or 5 hours worth.

The game is great, so far. I'm liking it as much as the first one.

Robert said...

That totally sucks! I'd be livid!

I'm hearing mixed things about R2. From what game reviewers are saying the single player campaign is kinda weak, but the multiplayer is great. I wasn't all that thrilled with the first game. It's not terrible. It's just that I've played so many shooters that I expected more from it. Reguardless I will be picking up R2.

I really wish you had an Xbox 360 so we could play games on xbox live together. Sac is buying one this weekend. I'm excited about that actually.

Phil said...

If I could steal an XBOX I'd play. lol

I love the game play on the Resistance games. I don't always feel that way about games. Even ones that get great reviews.

The review on IGN is fantastic.

I think you just can't beat the first one. Yer not a man like me. :)

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