Monday, November 17, 2008

Gripes About People That Play Music Games

First let me start out by saying that not all people who play Rock Band and Guitar Hero bother me. I'd also like to let it be known that I bought the very first GUITAR HERO game in late 2005 for the PS2. I was on board LOOOONG before it was cool and trendy like it is now. I also own GUITAR HERO 2 for the PS2. No, I'm not trying to act like I'm the shit because I owned them from the beginning. I'm just saying I'm not one of these bandwagon music game jumpers like most people seem to be these days. I have a few gripes, so let me get started....

After buying and playing GUITAR HERO I had a lot of fun. The song selection got old quick. A while later I picked up GH2. That was fun for a short time. Then it got extremely boring. This is the main reason why I haven't bothered buying any other music games for the Xbox 360 or PS3. It got old. That and the fact that the song selections mostly suck. It seems like the music games cater to people with really shitty taste in music. Yes, I realize that opinions on music differ, but I'm a bit of a music snob. I've been into music much longer than I've been into gaming. When the two mix you get a bunch of people who really have no idea what the hell they're talking about. Basically what I'm saying is gamer nerds shouldn't try and act like they know something about Rock & Roll or Metal when they clearly have no clue...

If you're reading this you know I listen to several gaming podcasts. Most of the hosts of these podcasts are gaming nerds who play music games. NOTE: I have no problem with gaming nerds. They are generally fine people, but hey they're nerds. Stick to being gaming nerds. Don't try and act like you know a thing or two about Rock & Metal when you don't. Recently I listened to a podcast where the hosts were talking about the Beatles music game that is supposed to be released next year. Two of the hosts ragged The Beatles saying their songs were old and boring. Then a question came up about what artists they liked and what songs they would enjoy playing in a music game. One of the hosts actually said Third Eye Blind! Are you kidding me!? Seriously!? You're going to sit there and rag an influential band like The Beatles and then turn around and say you want a music game where you can play Third Eye Blind songs? HaHaHa WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! One of the other hosts then stated that he didn't mind The Beatles stuff from the 50's. He didn't mind the music they made in the 60's though. Hey jackass, their first studio album wasn't released untill 1963! If you don't know what you're talking about please just shut up because you sound like idiots.

Another thing that annoys me is when I hear people say they actually felt like they were rocking out with a real band? Seriously? You felt like you were rocking out while holding a plastic guitar with a plastic strum bar? You feel like you're rocking out when you play a tiny plastic drum kit? Like whoa dude I feel like I'm in a real band when I'm playing ROCK BAND! Hilarious!

Don't get me wrong I know it can be fun, but some of you gaming geeks take it way too seriously. Do me a favor and at least get to know about the music you're pretending to play before you get on a podcast and make yourself sound like a complete tool.


Wingman709 said...

Ouch, I guess we just lost a listener.

Robert said...

LOL this really wasn't directed towards you or your podcast. You guys do talk about music games more than I would like you too, but most podcasts do. I was basically talking about OXM and Video Game Outsiders podcasts. I just hate hearing people who just started getting into Rock and Metal talk about music because they play Rock Band. It's annoying.

Wingman709 said...

I figured you were talking about us because I said with Rock Band I felt more like I was actually in a band where with Guitar Hero it felt more game like.
Of course I don't feel like a real Rock Star, but that one game is much better in my opinion.

Plus we had Presar talking about how the Beatles was not hard music to play and it was more like a kids piano plinking away.

So it really seemed like you were yelling at us as well. hahaha.

That is cool. Everyone has the right to their opinion and I don't expect you to agree with everything we say.

We got another complaint about all the music game talk. In fact in this weeks show, I actually said lets move on and not talk about it again. I will make a point of not covering any music games in the next show.

But I bet it will be all about NXE. Oh yeah, can't wait.

Oh, and it is hard to not talk about music games because they are in the news every week. Now we have Ultimate Band coming out as well. But don't worry, we don't care about that lame game anyways.

Phil said...

Never played those games, doubt I'll ever want to.

Robert said...

You're not missing much, Phil. If you're like me you'd hate 90% of the music on these games anyway. I just fucking hate modern rock. It's crap!

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