Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Really Couldn't Care Less About Politics

Let me start out by saying that I've only ever voted once. I voted for Clinton the first time around. I didn't want George Bush in office again. With that being said I think all politicians are scum of the earth. You can dig up dirt on pretty much all of them. I didn't vote today. I may never vote as long as I live. One major problem I have besides the fact that the candidates make a lot of empty promises to get my vote and yours is that we don't have enough choices here in America. We get a democrat, a republican, and haha an independent that will never get voted in. Damn it, I want more choices! I want like 12 different candidates. I want more choices. I don't want to vote for the man or woman who is the lesser evil of the two. I don't want McCain or Obama to lead this country. They both suck if you ask me. BTW I'd also like to address the bullshit statement about not being able to complain if I don't vote. As an American I can bitch and complain all damn day long. I can bitch about the fact that both candidates suck monkey nuts.


Phil said...

I love Obama. Next, we need a gay president, or an asian. Maybe Chuck Norris.

Robert said...

How about Hulk Hogan? You know he is a real American.

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