Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gears Of War 2 Second Impression

After playing alone and having a mediocre experience I decided to have my nephew come over and play it via local co-op. What a difference that made. GOW2 alone = boring! GOW2 co-op = FUN AS HELL!!! I generally hate playing games on co-op with a split screen, but it didn't bother me at all. Something else that surprised me was a certain giant worm swallowing you level that I've heard quite a few people say is lame. It's far from lame. It's one of the most awesome levels in any game I've ever played in terms of gameplay and graphics. Oh, and the graphics are are just breath taking. This is a beatuiful game to look at even though the color pallet is full of grey and black. I'm on board with GOW2 now. I figured I would be as soon as I started a co-op campaign. The only problem now is that I won't being finishing the campaign untill my nephew comes back for a four day Thanksgiving weekend. Oh well, I can wait, I still have a lot of FALLOUT 3 to go. Man, it's great to be a gamer right now!

One last thing, the flame thrower in GOW2 is THE best flame thrower in a video game ever. Finally a flame thrower that works! If you own a 360 you need to own this game.

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