Monday, December 29, 2008

Saints Row 2 & Some Christmas Gifts

It's funny how certain games pull you in when you never expect them to. I own the first Saints Row game, but it's so buggy that I stopped playing it. For example I'll be driving down the road and my car will disappear while my guy sits there like he's holding an invisible steering wheel while floating in mid air. Then of course the game locks up. This pissed me off enough that I quit playing it. Recently I rented Saints Row 2 expecting to play it for a few hours and declare it a shitty game. That has NOT been the case. Saints Row 2 is sooooo fun. I like pretty much everything about it. With side missions where the object is to drive a sewage truck spraying crap all over buildings to cause thousands of dollars in damage the game definitely doesn't take itself seriously. This is a good thing. After renting and re-renting SR2 I should really just go buy it. I'm definitely addicted to playing it. I'm not Fallout 3 addicted, but addicted nonetheless. I gotta say that I really do enjoy a good "sandbox" type game like this. This one is worth a rent at the very least, so check it out.

I'm calling Christmas 2008 the Christmas where my wife finally got it right! This was an awesome X-mas in the gift department. She bought me an officially licensed Dallas Stars jersey (pictured above) with my favorite player's name and number. That player is of course Mike Modano. I already own several Stars jersey's, but this one is by far my favorite. I also got a Stars calendar, license plate, license plate frame, static sticker, flag, stars logo wave suction cup thingamabob for my truck, a Marty Turco puck, and Rambo on blu-ray and regular dvd. It was a Dallas Stars Christmas!


Phil said...

Cool stuff.

I will get a new game sooner or later. I got a $50 best buy gift card. I'll wait for a game that I really want.

Robert said...

I'm slowing down in a major way on video game buying. I'm saving money for a down payment on a newer Mustang. I waste way too much money on games. Now I'm going to Gamefly most of my games.

What game do you plan on buying?

Hey, your Sharks are looking incredible this season. They just beat Dallas last night. It was a close game. It was 2-1 up untill the Sharks scored an empty net goal.

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