Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Home" Could Be A Good Thing For The Right People

I checked out Sony's HOME last night. Right now it's basically a virtual chat room. I could see how a certain group of people would like this. I'm not in this group, but again I could see how certain people could like it. To be honest I didn't really do a whole lot even though I probably spent an hour and a half screwing around. In this virtual world what I noticed was a lot of people walking around aimlessly, virtual guys chasing after the very few virtual girls, and tons of dancing. Right now HOME is a total sausagefest. I think the guys to girls ratio is about 100 to 1. I noticed that when a girl character was around about 10 or 15 guys would make a beeline to that girl. These guys would either type dirty things, say dirty things through their headsets, or just try to pick up on said girl character. The funny thing is that sometimes a girl character would actually be a guy messing with the other guy characters. I must admit that I was having a fun time just laughing at all of the idiocy going on.

I also checked out the virtual mall where a bunch more people were hanging out and being just as stupid as they were outside the mall. I went into a few stores where you could buy (with actual money that gets charged to your credit card) outfits for your character and furniture for your house. I saw stuff as cheap as $.49 and I believe as high as $4.99! Who in their right mind is going to shell out money for virtual clothing and furniture? I think the only half way decent thing I saw in the virtual mall was a huge screen where they were showing promo stuff for the PS3.

There were other things you could do in HOME, but I honestly had no desire at all to bother with the rest of it. I'm just surprised that it took Sony this damn long to release something this lackluster. I'm not sure Sony will ever get with it for the PS3. Maybe they'll get their shit together when they release the PS4.

I can't see any diehard gamers enjoying HOME, but I can see a bunch of juvenile potty mouthed kids loving it.

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Phil said...

Never checked out Home. I don't need that crap. lol

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